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About DialsWeb

The Company

DialsWeb, a business optimization consulting, coaching and training firm, helps clients deliver the seamless end-to-end interactions with a company that customers want. By focusing on the “human side” of operational excellence, DialsWeb offers a path to superior customer and employee experiences through improved cross-functional team collaboration, and inter- and intra-departmental process improvement and optimization. 

The Philosophy

Businesses should be structured in ways that ensure efficient and enjoyable customer experiences.

The Framework

DialsWeb uses its own SMART (Strategy, Measurement, Analysis, Research and Targeting) framework to help businesses establish or improve customer-centricity. SMART involves:

  • Identifying the goals, priorities, timelines, budget and success metrics of the company
  • Determining the needs of customers and employees, and the interplay between company-driven and customer-driven expectations
  • Prioritizing, monitoring and modifying customer-facing activities and “back-office” business processes for customer-centric compliance in a cost-effective manner

The Founder​

company founder

Victoria brings a multidisciplinary background and perspective to customer-centric operational effectiveness, efficiency and engagement. She combines a fascination for “crunching the numbers” with business and behavioral systems analysis; program, product and project management; process improvement and optimization; customer experience (CX) research; and, change management.

Her unique blend of skills, refined in start-ups, established corporate and consulting settings and government, allow her to solve business problems and deliver quality solutions on-time, even early, and on-budget. She combines pragmatism with an unwavering dedication to ensuring that her clients’ needs are always met, and has a proven track record of developing, evangelizing and institutionalizing organizational best practices optimized for business, financial and customer impact.